Artwork has a wonderful way of shaping our consciousness. Color alone can shift our mental and emotional states; images and words even more so. We are wondrously impressionable creatures, and the ideas we prime ourselves with - often without our conscious awareness - shape our beliefs about ourselves, each other, and our world.

The artwork I create is offered as support for you - as a means of filling up your heart and mind with messages that promote deepening trust and an opening to love.

I offer it in two ways:

  1. On Instagram. I post illustrated blessings here almost daily, along with a few words of context. These sketches are part of my personal practice of listening in to what my soul and Spirit are saying, and to what I sense that I and others need to hear.

  2. On Etsy. Click on the categories below to be taken to my shop.

    Prices you'll find in my store:

Cards - single: $4
Cards - bundles: 8 for $20; 10 for $24
Prints - 5x7: $9
Prints - 8x10: $14
Prints - 11x14: $18

*To find find prints in various sizes, click on sizing links in left-hand column of my Etsy shop screen. If you don't see the size you're looking for of a particular print, or you’d like to see a blessing from Instagram created into a card or print, send me a note! I'm happy to create custom orders when image files lend themselves to it.