Life is messy and often full of intense challenge. Right alongside the mess, or sometimes in succession with it, is beauty and sweetness, too - experiences that leave us grateful or awestruck or ready to jump around for joy.

At the heart of all that happens at Sacred Loom is the belief that all of it - every last strand of our experience, including the really awful, hard stuff - can be woven into something beautiful, something that gives us hope and makes our souls thrive.


...And this not by stuffing how we truly feel or painting happy faces over everything, but by leaning in to our experiences honestly, listening deeply, and opening our hearts and hands to receive the lessons and the love that life has to offer us. 

Reiki is my primary way of supporting you in this work. I find Reiki to be a wonderful way of side-stepping the roadblocks our egos put up against healing and change, and a potent means of raising consciousness, increasing clarity, and releasing current or out-dated fear. Read more about what Reiki is here.

I find, however, that where Reiki causes shifts to happen and gets fresh, clean energy flowing into your system, ongoing support is necessary to keep the energy flowing well. Analogously, getting a massage that loosens up your shoulders and back doesn't mean that a poorly situated work station won't continue to wreak havoc on your back. The work station needs to be adjusted, too, to support the healing and softening the massage began.

For this reason, I offer artwork designed to support you in weaving something hopeful, beautiful, and soul-satisfying from your life experiences.

I hope you experience Sacred Loom as a respite from life's noise - as a safe place where you can breathe more deeply and find yourself more and more in touch with the sacredness of your story.