Warmest welcome! I'm Kristin Noelle - Reiki Master, and the hands and heart at Sacred Loom.

I believe that:

  • Your life - including all its twists and turns - is sacred.

  • Your soul is a wise and trustworthy guide, ready to lead you where you most deeply want to go.

  • With time and kind attention, your challenges can become sources of incredible hope and transformation - for you...for all of us.

Sacred Loom is a place of safety and calm, where you can begin to see the threads of your life - including the painfully rough ones - with greater clarity, and begin to weave them into something of beauty, comfort, and hope.

I help you listen to your soul, and experience the healing you need to align with what you hear.

Learn more about my healing practice here.

I'm so glad you’re here. I wish you deepest peace.

(P.S. Find me HERE on Instagram, where I share healing, uplifting sketches often.)