My Reiki session with Kristin was truly life changing. The remnants of a painful childhood were woven throughout my being, limiting my openness and life experiences. Since the session was profoundly personal and sacred I cannot share the details, but I will say that I was transformed. Kristin tapped into the core of my being and not only released energies that had encumbered me for decades, but also revealed the coexisting beauty that could now fully spring forth. I feel light and free and open, and will be forever grateful to Kristin for her loving, gentle spirit and deep spiritual insight. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kristin, for your gift of healing. —Rose

Reiki with Kristin has been, in a word, transformative. Kristin is a compassionate, deep listener. During my Reiki sessions, I felt safely held in the warmth, wisdom, patience, and presence of Kristin's practice. Afterwards, Kristin left me with specific affirmations that not only resonated with the work of my heart, soul, and spirit, but also unlocked a new season of healing for me. I am moving forward with a greater capacity to love myself and connect authentically with others. –Candi

I see Kristin’s energetic presence as a combination of compassion, spaciousness and deep seeing. In her distance Reiki work with me, she demonstrated an inspiring ability to make me feel safe and to channel that presence into healing and transformation. What a gift. I was humbled and grateful. –Brett

I have been inspired by Kristin's art and messages for the past few years, especially during times of difficulty and indecision in my life. So I feel fortunate to have received Reiki not only from someone whom I greatly admire, but who deeply understands the vulnerability involved in receiving and administering Reiki. From our first emails, Kristin created a sense of safety in our communication, and this safety and openness continued through our Reiki session.

Kristin’s gentle, calming voice easily led me into a state of deep relaxation over the phone; and despite a distance between us of almost 3,000 miles, I was amazed to learn that we came away from the Reiki session with similar experiences and impressions. In our conversation after the treatment, her suggestions were insightful and were offered with great sensitivity.

I was drawn to Kristin and to distance Reiki shortly after recognizing that my body and spirit were demanding a change – they were issuing a call to lower my stress levels, to become more grounded, and to find a more sustainable life path moving forward. This Reiki treatment, and the realizations it led to, have ushered in a period of self-care, renewal, and stabilization in my life. I came away from our session with an increased level of awareness of my own energy centers – where their strengths and weaknesses lie and what I needed to do to achieve greater health and happiness. –Lindsey

I am grateful for the loving care and guidance Kristin offered during our Reiki session, gently creating a safe container for our time together, tenderly and compassionately listening to my embodied stories, and attuning my energetic body with grace and wisdom. In our closing conversation, I deeply felt her intuitive channel open and clear, pouring potent invitations into my consciousness, which linger in my being today.  –Melissa

I am so grateful for Kristin's distance Reiki treatment! I felt amazing shifts in my energy as she worked, and since that one treatment have felt much more like myself. I hadn't recognized what needed shifting, but as she worked, I felt a HUGE load of heavy energy leave my body. It's been a few weeks since our session and the changes that occurred in that one session are continuing to work miracles in my outlook and energy. That one session put me back on track. Change isn't instantaneous, but this I know: something shifted. It's gone. I feel freer than I've felt for a long time. –Deirdre

My Reiki session with Kristin leads me to say this: Kristin is a gift from the Universal source. Her energy is pure, whether drawing wondrous illustrations, blogging stories from her heart, or using her amazing 'laying on hands' Reiki techniques. Kristin is truly a gifted healer and teacher of love and light. –Nicole

My Reiki session with Kristin was very nurturing. I loved how she connected with me by phone at the start of the session; it was great to hear her voice and the breathing exercise she led me through helped me become fully grounded and present. The session itself was very relaxing - I felt calm and held. I loved the connection by phone at the end of the session, too. As Kristin shared her impressions from the session I felt like she was waking me up to the memory that nothing is wrong and I am surrounded by love and light! –Jen