While there is much that I can and do share about what my teachers and lineage have to say about Reiki, my most transformative and insightful experiences with Reiki have come through experience.

My deep sense, and what my clients report, too, is that we are surrounded and supported by love while we work together. The shifts that occur in my clients' physical, spiritual, and emotional lives through Reiki seem rooted in this love - rooted in the support of more than just my hands and work alone.

There is mystery here that tidy explanations can't do justice to, so I invite you to read the words below within this broader context of healing that can't and won't be contained by our natural attempts to explain it.


All sessions are 75 minutes long. Pricing applies the same to in-person and remote sessions.

  • First time sessions: $75

  • Regular session: $100

  • Package discount: 3 sessions for $270 (10% savings)


Reiki is a gentle, non-intrusive healing modality that supports health at multiple levels – body, mind, and spirit. In a similar way to acupuncture, it’s based on the idea that an unseen life force energy flows through and around us. When this energy flows freely and well, we experience greater health and feelings of well-being. When it is blocked or diminished – whether through trauma, injury, or day-to-day stress or anxiety – we more readily experience pain, disease, and emotional turbulence. Or just plain fatigue!

Through a series of gentle hand positions, placed on or slightly above the body, Reiki allows life force energy to flow into the physical body and its energetic field from the hands of the practitioner. As life force energy increases and is supported in its flow, the body’s natural process of healing, rebalancing, and restoration is activated and enabled to do its job more effectively.

At the end of Reiki sessions, patients often report feeling greater peace, an increased sense of hope and positivity, and a reduction of physical pain. My experience is that the spirit part of our body/mind/spirit system is most directly healed through Reiki, and this in turn affects the health of the body and mind.


Reiki is based on the premise that life force energy flows in and around our whole being, and relates to every level of health – spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical. As life force energy increases and is helped to flow more freely around and throughout the body, all levels of being are affected.

In this way, Reiki supports health and well-being for whatever challenge you bring to it. People come to Reiki to address illness, injury, and physical pain; for support with emotional challenges and turbulence; to reduce stress and chronic anxiety; to help move through psychological blocks experienced in relationships or the pursuit of goals; and to feel more spiritually open and alive.

Reiki is not a magic bullet. Though sometimes its effects are instant and dramatic, it much more often is analogous to the sunlight, water, nutrients, and efficient/effective root system that enable a tree to flourish.


Clients often report having come for support around a particular issue, only to feel improvement in other areas of physical and emotional health as well.


Sessions with me last 75 minutes (occasionally I offer 60-minute sessions for a reduced price; sign up for my newsletter to hear about these offers).

We spend a few minutes at the beginning talking about what your expectations are for our time together. Is there a particular physical or emotional challenge you’re experiencing? An area in your life where you feel blocked or stuck? Would you simply like the chance to relax, step out of the busy-ness of your day, and receive Reiki energy?

After our initial check-in, you’ll lie comfortably on my massage table, fully clothed. I will guide you through some deep breathing exercises to help you relax, and then I’ll place my hands gently on and sometimes a small distance away from your body as Reiki energy flows. Tissue is not manipulated and private areas of your body are never touched.


The effects and sensations people experience while receiving Reiki vary. Most commonly clients report feeling surrounded by warm, loving light and a deep sense of relaxation. Some experience heat and tingling sensations. Some experience pain relief. Some see images that are meaningful in some way. Some experience an opening of their heart area and the release of held-back emotion. Some feel relatively little, and simply relax and fall asleep.

After Reiki is administered, we have a closing conversation about your experience, and any impressions I had while I worked. I leave you with suggestions for how you might continue to support the work we did in our session on your own in the days and weeks to come.


Distance Reiki is where Reiki energy is administered to a patient who is not in the same physical space as the practitioner. Some day, maybe our scientific tools will be able to explain unequivocally how this is possible. Until that time, our validation of distance Reiki must rely on experiencing it for ourselves. Some of my most powerful experiences of giving Reiki treatments have been distance sessions, where my clients’ experiences of heat, tingling, and mental/emotional shifts corresponded with my own experiences of heat and tingling in my hands as I worked in my mind’s eye over the different parts of their bodies.

I tend toward skepticism when it comes to things like this, so I encourage you to not take my word for it; experience distance Reiki for yourself and draw your own conclusions about its effectiveness!

You can also read through client testimonials to hear how people have experienced distance sessions.


Distance sessions happen in the same progression as in-person sessions, only the talking we do before and after the session happens by Skype (audio only) or phone, and instead of lying on my massage table, you choose a quiet, comfortable place to sit or lie down in your home (this is why we do Skype calls as audio-only; I respect the privacy of your space and prefer to limit the distraction that me being visually present in your home can bring).

We talk by phone or Skype to open the session; I lead you in deep breathing exercises while still on the line; we get off the line while I administer Reiki; and then once the Reiki treatment is over, I call you back to discuss our experience.

Your presence to the experience - setting aside the allotted time in a quiet space to be relaxed and open to receive, rather than multi-tasking - allows the experience to match or exceed the intensity of healing that happens during in-person sessions.


If you live near me, you are welcome to choose either option. I find that in our current world, where so much time is spent online (or on our phones) and not in shared, physical space, chances to connect meaningfully in person and to experience kind, safe touch are their own unique kind of healing.

So if you live near me (my practice is in Torrance, CA), I encourage you to come for an in-person treatment. The choice, of course, is always yours!

Please let me know if you have questions. I can be reached by phone at (650) 704-2352, or by email at kristintnoelle@gmail.com.

I look so forward to serving you!